Amazing geological park on the plateau of southwest China’s Sichuan

Release time:2019-07-25 Publisher:Lanka Voice

Photos show an amazing and rare geological park named Moshi Park, which is located at the junction of Kama Village and Zhonggu Village of Bamei Town, Daofu County in southwest China’s Sichuan Province, and has been opened to public since 2017.

Moshi Park is China’s only plateau stone forest landscape. It has a mylonite forest formed by crushing, grinding and shearing of rocks in the fracture zone of the part of Xianshui River in Daofu County during the neotectonic movement in the Quaternary period.
Affected by the air humidity, the color of the mylonite forest would change according to the weather. During the wet season, the stone forest turns dark black. Such a metamorphic stone forest is extremely rare in the world. Because of its unique geological structure, the mylonite forest in Moshi Park is referred to as “China’s geological Bermuda” by experts and scholars. 

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