100 CoVID-19 patients reported in Sri Lanka

Release time:2020-03-24 Publisher:Lanka Voice

COLOMBO ,March 24(APMG)- The total number of persons who tested positive for CoVID-19 reached 100 in Sri Lanka on Tuesday, a minister said.
Sri Lankan Health Minister Pavitra Wanniarachchi told APMG that a few more cases were reported on Tuesday bringing the total to 100.
She said there were more than 200 people had been  identified with symptoms at the moment.
“We don’t know whether they will test positive or not,” she said.
However , there is no fatality reported so far.
Meanwhile , the President’s Media Division said that three districts of the country’s western province - Colombo, Gampaha and Kalutara- had been identified as high risk areas. 
The government has imposed curfew in these areas indefinitely. Besides, there is curfew clamped on other districts till Thursday. 
Sri Lanka has also banned movement of people between different districts.

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