US' ability to harm HK is over

Release time:2021-07-09 Publisher:Lanka Voice

On Wednesday, the White House announced the extension of the “national emergency designation to Hong Kong”, declared by the former US ruling party on July 14, 2020, for another year.
On Thursday, according to reports, the European Parliament adopted a non-binding resolution that calls for sanctions on Hong Kong Special Administrative Region officials and boycotting the Winter Olympics to be held in Beijing in 2022.
The two ridiculous moves follow the same logic, namely that China has no right to defend national security within its own territory but they have the power to intervene in China’s own domestic affairs.
A typical gangster logic full of Western hegemonic prejudice and a distorted mentality based on their past colonial rule over the world.
Whatever their excuse, such moves are blatant violations of the international law and the basic principles of the international relations. The US should especially realize that some of its politicians are the main controllers and funding sources for the rioters that attempted to destroy Hong Kong in 2019, and it is they that challenged Hong Kong’s prosperity and stability.
It is rather US-style ridiculous for the White House to claim the Chinese central government’s moves in Hong Kong pose an “unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security, foreign policy, and economy of the US”. Hong Kong is 10,000 kilometers away from the US and why does the US base its national security in a Chinese city so far away? Why do Western politicians stretch their evil hands across the Pacific and the Eurasia continent?
The current Biden Administration has overturned his predecessor’s policy on almost every aspect except that of continuing to intervene in China’s domestic affairs. Yet that also means that the new team in the White House has lost all creativity in working toward that goal and has to resort to the same tricks used by its predecessor — Tricks that already led to failures during the past administration.
For the EU, the fact that major political parties moved the motion shows many European Parliament members still use it as a stage for their anti-China performances, while the non-binding aspect of the motion implies that they are not that foolish as to destroy the good and stable economic relationship with China, as well as the huge profits they could gain from it.
In its letter to the US Congress speaker, the White House claimed that the Chinese central government’s efforts of defending national security in Hong Kong “undermine Hong Kong’s autonomy”. It is wrong. Being now under the protection of the National Security Law, Hong Kong still enjoys high degree of autonomy and the “one country, two systems” principle will be more firmly defended.
The only side that suffers is Western political forces that point fingers at Hong Kong and make use of some Hong Kong people who hate Hong Kong to harm the prosperity. Twenty-four years after its return to the motherland, Hong Kong is now under better protection and the days of Western political forces harming its security are gone forever.

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