China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation gets contract for highway project in Colombo

Release time:2019-09-10 Publisher:Lanka Voice

COLOMBO, Sept 10 (APMG) - Sri Lanka hired China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation for the execution of the port highway development project in Colombo which was launched on Tuesday,   a Minister said.

Minister of Highways and Road Development and Petroleum Resources Kabir Hashim told APGM that the project would be implemented at a cost of US $ 300 million. He said the new road would be constructed on columns linking Sri Lanka’s China-funded port city with the Colombo suburb Kelaniya under this project.

 Once constructed, he said travel time could be reduced greatly.

“This will give a facelift to Colombo,” he said.  

Sri Lanka is building a new city on a landmass of 269 hectares acquired from the sea under the Colombo port city project. The road will link this city with the rest of Colombo.   China Harbour Engineering Corporation has invested in this real estate project.

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