‘Won’t oppose Sinopharm if it gets WHO approval’

Release time:2021-05-03 Publisher:Lanka Voice

Local experts say they will not oppose the inoculation of China’s Sinopharm vaccine, if it receives emergency use approval from the World Health Organisation based on the third stage clinical trial results.
Speaking to media, President of the Association of Government Medical Laboratory Technologists Ravi Kumudesh said although Sri Lanka has imported 600,000 doses of the vaccine, no approval has been given to use them.
He said local health authorities announced that the Sinopharm vaccine will be administered first to all Chinese nationals in Sri Lanka, although no more than 4,000 persons have received it thus far.
Ravi Kumudesh questioned from health authorities as to whether other Chinese nationals have refused to take the Sinopharm vaccine.
He also said the Health Ministry should announce as to when the stock of vaccines that was imported is due to expire and what steps will be taken if it does not receive emergency use approval.
Kumudesh noted that they do not oppose the vaccine based on the country of origin but will not accept it, if it did not receive approval from the WHO based on clinical trial results.

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