PM says development in Tamil areas will be resumed and expedited

Release time:2020-08-10 Publisher:Lanka Voice

One of the most important priorities of the Sri Lankan Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa, who was sworn in on Sunday morning [August 8] will be the development of the Tamil-dominated Northern Province, which surprisingly unseated the Tamil National Alliance as the sole representative of Tamils, the Frontline magazine in India reported.
“A great deal was done under difficult circumstances [in the Northern Province] during the tenure of my last government. This work, which was unfortunately disrupted in the last few years, will be resumed and expedited,” he said in his first interview, just before he was sworn in Prime Minister.
“Our government will cater to the needs of all our citizens, irrespective of race or cultural background. There are urgent priorities in the Northern Province, with regard to livelihoods, irrigation for agriculture, the upgrading of exports and the improvement of facilities in health and education,” Rajapaksa said when asked what this victory meant for the people of Sri Lanka, particularly the Tamils in that country. He did not mention the question of a political solution for the Tamil people, based on the 13th Amendment to the Sri Lankan Constitution, a demand that India had steadfastly stood behind till now.
Conceding that he was humbled by the massive mandate, he was of the view that the “overwhelming mandate shows that the people have confidence in this administration. They have outright rejected the previous one. I believe they did so with a lot of great expectations. Now, we have a responsibility to deliver.”

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