China’s leader, Xi Jinping, visits Wuhan for the first time since the outbreak erupted there.

Release time:2020-03-10 Publisher:Lanka Voice

Xi Jinping, the Chinese leader, visiting a lab in Beijing last week. He had led efforts to control the outbreak from the capital, only visiting Wuhan on Tuesday. 

The Chinese leader, Xi Jinping, arrived on Tuesday in Wuhan, visiting the center of the global coronavirus epidemic for the first time since the outbreak began and sending a powerful signal that the government believes the worst of the national emergency is over.
Mr. Xi’s visit was reported in a brief bulletin from Xinhua, the main official news agency, which said he met with front-line medical workers, military personnel, community workers, police officers and officials.
His trip is sure to be seen as a sign that China’s leaders believe that a series of draconian restrictions, including the lockdown of hundreds of millions of people starting in late January, have brought the outbreak under control.
According to official data, coronavirus infections have recently receded in China, falling to a few dozen new cases every day, nearly all of them in Wuhan, the provincial capital. More than three-quarters of the 3,136 deaths recorded in China were in the city of 11 million people.
On Tuesday, China said it recorded 19 new infections from the coronavirus, and 17 deaths, in the past 24 hours. All but two of the newly confirmed infections were in Wuhan, the central Chinese city where the virus originated. The remaining two infections involved people who contracted the virus after traveling abroad.
Few details of Mr. Xi’s itinerary were available. China’s main state broadcaster, CCTV, reported that he visited the Huoshenshan Hospital, which the government built in under two weeks to treat coronavirus patients with serious symptoms.
In Wuhan, most residents remain under heavy restrictions. But growing numbers of neighborhoods across the city have been declared free of new infections, and officials have said that the last two makeshift isolation centers for patients with mild cases of coronavirus infection would close.