Chinese spokesman slams U.S. attempts to shift blame

Release time:2020-06-25 Publisher:Lanka Voice

A Chinese defense ministry spokesman on Wednesday slammed attempts by some U.S. politicians to shift blame and deflect responsibility by smearing China for their own country's poor COVID-19 response.
Speaking at a press conference here, spokesman Wu Qian expressed strong dissatisfaction with, and firm opposition to, recent moves by U.S. defense department leaders to play up the so-called "China threat," sow discord in the region, and stigmatize China's anti-epidemic efforts in total disregard of facts.
The situation in the East and South China Seas is generally stable, Wu said.
However, the United States, a country outside the region, has sent military vessels and aircraft to the East and South China Seas, in a series of provocations, to carry out frequent, close-in reconnaissance against China and conduct highly targeted military exercises.
These actions have seriously endangered the sovereignty and security interests of countries in the region and undermined regional peace and stability, he said.
For China and the United States, both important countries in the world, cooperation is the only right choice, Wu said, expressing hope that the United States will meet China halfway to add positive factors to the China-U.S. relationship featuring coordination, cooperation, and stability. 

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