Xi stresses nation's competitiveness

Release time:2020-07-25 Publisher:Lanka Voice

President Xi Jinping has highlighted the need to make the economy more competitive, innovative and able to resist risks as part of efforts to further bolster the real economy, especially the manufacturing sector, and improve the level of entire industrial chains.
Xi also urged steps to follow a new development philosophy and fully carry out the strategy to revitalize the country's northeastern area in a meeting with officials of Jilin province on Friday, wrapping up his three-day inspection tour of the province.
In promoting high-quality development of the economy, it is important to further reforms in the quality, efficiency and impetus of economic growth, said Xi, who is also general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and chairman of the Central Military Commission.
Xi urged stronger measures to develop new types of infrastructure and quicker steps to establish integrated innovation platforms between enterprises, universities and research institutions.
The government must quicken its steps to transform its functions and foster a business environment that is in line with market principles, the rule of law and international standards, he said.
Xi highlighted the need to follow a new path of development that enables higher quality, improved efficiency and a structure that fully unleashes the strength of the province so as to enable the across-the-board revitalization revitalization of Jilin for the new era.
The country must devise sound plans for development for the 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-25), and it is important to conduct in-depth research, analysis and make scientific decisions to ensure healthy economic and social development, he added.
Xi visited Siping on Wednesday before traveling to Changchun, the provincial capital, on Thursday, where he visited a neighborhood, the exhibition hall for the urban planning of Changchun New Area and China FAW Group Co, the birthplace of China's automotive industry.
In developing high-tech parks, it is important to focus on the country's strategic demand, pursue high standards in planning and construction, give priority to the planning and development of infrastructure and open up industry and supply chains, he said.

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