Elephant preserve to ease conflicts with humans

Release time:2020-08-07 Publisher:Lanka Voice

Eighty hectares of land have been transformed into a new habitat for wild Asian elephants, the Simao Forestry and Grassland Bureau in Pu'er, Yunnan province, announced.
The project began in August 2018 with an overall planning area of 200 hectares and an investment of 3.69 million yuan ($531,000).
In the first phase, elephants' favorite plants, including bamboo, corn, bananas and sugarcane, were planted in the habitat, providing the animals with an adequate supply of food.
There are 47 Asian elephants in Simao district, leading to conflict between the animals and people in recent years.
"This project can effectively alleviate conflicts and promote the harmonious coexistence of humans and elephants," a bureau official said.

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