Hainan races ahead with FTP plans

Release time:2020-10-27 Publisher:Lanka Voice

The government of Hainan, the southern island province of China, moved a step forward by unveiling a new guideline to widen market access and lower barriers to trade, investment and cross-border capital flows with the goal of building the island into a high-quality free trade port.
The guideline listed 18 action plans with a total of 60 missions that involve promoting institutional innovation, streamlining administrative approval procedures, facilitating free trade and investment and free flow of capital and talent, building an efficient logistics system, and protecting data security.
The goal is to build the island into a free trade port with an efficient and sound legal system, an internationally competitive tax system and first-class business environment and social governance that will attract more companies and investors and help boost the industrial competitiveness and development quality of the island, according to the guideline.
The Hainan Pilot Free Trade Port will implement a zero-tariff policy for goods trade and will further reduce barriers for services trade. Meanwhile, the free trade port will adopt a negative list for the management of imported products.
Another prominent feature of the new guideline is that the free trade port will explore further liberalization of the capital account step by step and will launch a pilot qualified foreign limited partner program, and a qualified domestic limited partner program. The pilot programs will allow both foreign and domestic investors to engage in cross-border investment more freely. The island will also build a new management system for cross-border financing to encourage more efficient two-way capital flows.
China announced the master plan for the construction of the Hainan Free Trade Port in June, marking the official start of the project.

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